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NSI Mobile Water Solutions: Plug-and-play water treatment services delivered to your site


NSI Mobile Water Solutions supplies plug-and-play mobile water treatment plants for all scenarios: emergency cover, scheduled maintenance or long-term rental.

Here's an overview of our mobile water treatment technologies.

Mobile water treatment technologies from NSI MWS

1. Reverse osmosis: the MORO range

The water purification technique known as reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove impurities.


The range of MORO mobile units has been designed to meet a number of specific needs. NSI MWS offers different sizes unit dimensioned to meet an equally broad spectrum of industrial water flow rate requirements.


MORO mobile units are available trailer-mounted and containerized.


For example: MORO 4 X25T

This flexible system incorporates 4 trailer-mounted reverse osmosis units. Each unit can produce 25m³ of treated water per hour with a salt retention rate of more than 95% and can be used independently or in series. This provides the option to produce high flow rates (up to 100 m³ per hour in single pass mode) or to prioritize water quality at a lower flow rate (up to 40 m³ per hour in double-pass mode, and up to 99% salt retention).



Maximum flow

Salt retention rate



From 25 m³ to 100 m³ per hour

>95% single pass

>99% double pass (units operated in series)



50 m³ per hour



42 m³ per hour


10 m³ per hour


25 m³ per hour




2. Deionization: the MODI/MOFI range

NSI MWS offers several ranges of deionized water production units using ion exchange technology. The demineralization process produces high-quality water by attracting non-hydrous ions and replacing them with hydrous ions, thereby eliminating solids.


The MODI/MOFI range offers flexible mobile units whose systems can be configured to deliver the desired quality of water at a controlled flow rate.


These plug-and-play units are available as trailer-mounted or independent skid-mounted pressure vessels, produce zero discharge, and are supported by off-site regeneration.


For example: the MODI 15000T system 

This system provides two polishing streams of cation/anion and mixed bed resins.






MODI 15000T

20-150 m³ per hour

<0.1 µS cm


Steel pressure vessel

MODI 1200T

up to 35 m³ per hour

<0.1 µS cm, 10 ppb


Deonisation MODI


3. Filtration: the MOFI range

Filtration processes are commonly used to remove solids from water.


NSI MWS filtration systems combine the most advanced filtration technologies currently available: fine filtration screens, media bed filtration and, membrane filtration.


For example: the MOFI range

This versatile mobile filtration system consists of a series of skid-mounted pressure vessels. 


These carbon steel or stainless-steel vessels can be used at high or low temperatures and can be configured with bag filters or cartridge filters.


Filtration MOFI


4. Ultrafiltration: the MOUF range

Ultrafiltration is a macro-modular separation process that removes colloids, particulates, organic macromolecules and microbiological contaminates. 


NSI MWS offers the MOUF range of containerized variable-flow mobile ultrafiltration assets.


MOUF 2×140

This solution offers 2 ultrafiltration skids that can be used independently or in series to deliver flow rates of up to 280 m³ per hour.


MOUF 4×80T

This trailer-mounted configuration of four 80 m³ per hour units can produce up to 320 m³ per hour of treated water. This asset also features backwash and CIP systems to cover a wide range of capabilities:


  • Pre-treatment of process water and prior to reverse osmosis
  • Post-treatment of wastewater
  • Wastewater reuse pilot testing


MOUF assets are equipped with an automatic cleaning system and automatic backwash to ensure continuous operation!


5. Other technologies and services

NSI MWS offers a comprehensive range of water treatment solutions that extends far beyond the 4 technologies described above!

  • Clarification: The Actiflo® and DAF ranges
  • Softening and demineralization: The MOSO range
  • Seawater desalination SWRO 35 assets 
  • Membrane degassing: The REMOX and MODA ranges
  • Wastewater management: Coagulation, flocculation, and dewatering

Lastly, depending on your needs, NSI MWS can also supply a wide range of equipment and consumables:

  • Tanks, pumps, and accessories
  • Chemical conditioning reagents in small quantities

Synergies with other SAUR Group entities

In addition to temporary and wastewater treatment, perhaps you have other specific water-related needs.

If so, NSI MWS can introduce you to SAUR Group operating entities with the ability to offer you a broad spectrum of complementary services.


Why choose NSI Mobile Water Solutions?


NSI MWS has the resources needed to respond to emergencies in record time to minimize production downtime.


Quality and reliability

NSI MWS operates and provides the very latest cutting-edge water technologies to deliver top-quality water with maximum reliability.

Choosing these mobile solutions gives you a guaranteed supply of water treated to the quality standards you demand and in the quantities you require (treatment capacity: from 1 to 1,000 m³ per hour)


Flexibility and peace of mind

Our long-term rental contracts are flexible to ensure that the volume of treated water supplied matches your actual needs.

Equipment maintenance is taken care of entirely by NSI MWS teams, and all contracts are backed by full operational and technical support for the full contractual period.


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