Mobile Water Solutions

Mobile water treatment solutions to reduce production downtime


Something as simple as a water treatment plant failure can seriously compromise your production and result in unplanned downtime.

That's where mobile water treatment solutions come in: delivered to your production site, these units offer you immediate business continuity while you wait for your fixed installation to be repaired!

What are these emergency solutions?

When a fixed installation breaks down, there are three possible solutions: 

  • Carry out the minimum level of emergency repairs needed to avoid production downtime
  • Call in a third party to carry out major repairs
  • Slow down production or, in the worst scenario, halt production altogether!

Unfortunately, minor repairs often lead to water quality issues, and major repairs always take time.

A mobile solution gives you the assurance of production continuity by taking over from your fixed installation for as long as the repairs take, which considerably reduces your production downtime!

A number of companies across Europe offer integrated mobile water treatment plants:

  • Trailer-mounted
  • Skid-mounted
  • Containerized

What sets NSI Mobile Water Solutions apart from its competitors?

We've been serving European industrial customers since 1998.

We are a recognized service provider:

  • Over 5,000 projects to date
  • A very extensive range of technologies
  • A modern and regularly updated fleet of units
  • 70% of the solutions we provide have been in service for less than 5 years
  • More than 100 full-time employees

Emergencies: the fastest response available in the market

Unlike our competitors, our organization is structured to operate 24/7/365 and respond to your emergency within a few hours.

We are the only company in Europe to be able to respond at very short notice because we have:

  • A Europe-wide team of on-call technicians and sales staff with the ability to respond anywhere at any time
  • A network of depots throughout Europe: France, UK, Germany, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands
  • A fleet of 600 mobile units

ReAct: our emergency response plan

ReAct is a unique service offered completely free of charge to guarantee you priority service and ultra-fast response.

Here's how it works: 

  • We gather as much technical information as we can about your installation: inlet water analysis, outlet water quality, container or truck location options, connection points, lists of required units, site plans, etc.
  • NSI MWS then provides you with a ReAct document simply containing a reference number.
  • If you find yourself in an emergency situation, you can then call NSI MWS and give this reference number.
  • Because we already have all the information we previously gathered, we don’t need to go searching for it in the middle of the night!

For you, this service saves you time and gives you peace of mind.

For us, it means that we can be on-site in record time between 2 and 4 hours after your call, depending on your location!


Regeneration centers right across Europe

Ion exchange is our flagship technology, because it produces excellent quality demineralized water essential for boiler feed in many sectors, including oil, gas, power, and petrochemicals. 

Because the ion exchange resin regeneration process demands the use of large quantities of chemicals and generates waste, we don’t provide this service on customer sites but:

  • In our own three regeneration centers in France, the UK, and Germany
  • The capacity to reprocess several thousand m³ of resin annually

Most regeneration centers operated by our competitors are in the UK.

This means that they’re a long way from customers in southern and eastern Europe!

Our presence in France and Germany means we're closer to our European customers, and can therefore respond much quicker, with no problems as a result of BREXIT-related tax issues.


Planned services and long-term leasing

Although emergency responses are our core strength, we also offer other services, including planned cover and long-term rental.


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