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Local authorities: 6 good reasons for choosing Saur REUSE


The Saur Group has set the ambition of becoming the champion of the water transition by 2030. We will achieve this ambition by offering a panel of effective and efficient water management solutions for local authorities and industrial water users. REUSE is one of them!

Here are 6 good reasons for choosing REUSE from Saur.

To take advantage of Saur's 15 years of REUSE expertise

Saur has more than 15 years' experience of treated wastewater reuse.

In 2023, the Saur Group produced nearly 12 million m3 of treated wastewater for reuse by industrial users and local authorities in France, Spain, Poland and Cyprus.


At Saur, REUSE is just one of the many initiatives we offer to promote efficient water management at local level

Saur doesn’t see REUSE as an end in itself.

Our ultimate goal is to help local authorities work towards efficient water management. 

The REUSE solution is an integral part of overall water transition strategy, and just one building block of the many offered by Saur, which include:

  • Trenchless utility upgrading using our specialist solutions to locate and repair pipeline leaks
  • Using digital technology to maximize water efficiency
  • Monitoring usage and consumption
  • Dynamic resource management
  • Helping industrial users to manage and recycle stormwater 

A turnkey solution

Saur REUSE service packages give you all the benefits of a turnkey solution.

The only precondition is your ambition to introduce treated wastewater reuse into your local authority area.

As well as providing you with all the technical support you need, Saur also takes care of all the administrative formalities and tasks:

  • Opportunity and preliminary feasibility studies 
  • All mandatory and other authorization and permit applications
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • REUSE system operation
  • Preparation of grant applications

Any local authority opting to delegate its REUSE strategy to Saur can sit back and relax, at the same time as remaining closely involved in the project.


Customized solutions to meet affordability criteria

Saur always targets the most effective balance between technical performance and affordability.

Each solution is individually tailored to the realities of your local authority and its financial challenges:

  • In-situ installation in existing buildings
  • Permanent mobile units in fixed locations
  • Mobile units for rental
  • Buy or rent
  • Automated operation to reduce servicing and maintenance costs (automatic UV cleaning and shutdown where water quality issues arise, etc.)

Plug and Play mobile skid-mounted units

A mobile skid-mounted REUSE unit contains all the treatment hardware required. 

Our modular skid-mounted units offer many advantages, including:

  • Adaptation to ensure compatibility with existing installations
  • Installation in an indoor space or container
  • Customized sizing to meet your water quality and volume requirements
  • Plug and Play operation
  • A system that can be moved and rotated between wastewater treatment plants as and when you wish.  Urban REUSE water production can therefore be shared between multiple wastewater treatment plants operated by one or more local authorities, as long as each plant has the infrastructure required to host the system

The mobile skid-mounted unit: the standard and customized solution

Features of the standard mobile skid-mounted unit

  • 1-5 m3 per hour 
  • 5-10 m3 per hour 
  • 10-25 m3 per hour 


  • Treatment of WWTP effluent or non-potable runoff water 
  • Automated control of REUSE water quality 


Production of non-potable water for:

  • Washing equipment 
  • Polymer make-up systems 
  • Cleaning
  • Irrigation


Want to learn more about Saur REUSE service packages or our mobile units?

Our experts are ready and waiting to answer all your questions!

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